How to tell the sex of a snake

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Both of these snake sexing techniques should only be carried out by experienced herpers. Skip to main content. The probe should just fit inside the opening when you perform the procedure. Resources 1 Animal Equipment by Stoney: Some female-female dominance behavior looks sort of like courtship and male-male copulations have been observed in pythons, kingsnakes, and vipers. This technique is called 'popping' because you literally 'pop' the hemipenes out of a male snake, a female will show little more than two tiny red dots instead of hemipenes.

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Sexually dimorphic characters Throughout the snake kingdom, most species show only minor, if any, external difference between the sexes.

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Determining the Sex of Snakes

Sometimes keepers will choose to use a probe that is too narrow on the incorrect assumption that this will make probing the snake easier. Are snakes female or male? It rests inside-out, like two socks laying side by side, when not in use. Sometimes solitary males will leave small deposits of sperm in their water bowl or in little spots around the cage. The sexes of most vipers and pitvipers have different numbers of subcaudal scales. If it went in 8 to 16 scales, it's likely a male.

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how to tell the sex of a snake
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how to tell the sex of a snake
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